Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm trying to find my niche in blogging. I rant and ramble a lot but I need a stronger focus. I'm crossing my fingers this will work.

Why am I "a little bit crunchy"?

Becoming a mom changed my life.

I chased a VBAC. In the end, I did not get my "oops the baby came too fast" unassisted birth I contemplated, nor did I get an all-natural hospital birth. But there's always a HBA2C down the road for me.

I breastfeed my newborn. I co-sleep. I hold him when he wants to be held. I wear him in a sling or a wrap when we're out. I cloth diaper.

Well, I cloth diaper sometimes. I'm working on that one still. We're only three and a half months into it, so I have time.

I'm learning more about organic foods and textiles, and discovering our carbon footprints.

This is my journey. For myself, for my son, for the world.

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